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Villa Delilah is perfectly located adjacent to one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel, Delilah Beach in Ashkelon. The city is 45 minutes from Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva and one hour from Jerusalem.  


Ashkelon is accessible to all parts of Israel by train and bus.


We are in a unique location, overlooking the beachfront promenade and Marina to the west and Delilah Beach to the south.   The views are unlike any other in Israel!


Stroll to coffee shops, ice cream, sea-side activities and people-watching.


Villa Delilah is a  5 minute walk to a synagogue and mikve.  The Ashkenazi synagogue (a beautiful building built by the early founders of the city from South Africa) is a 15 minute walk.  (A map with walking paths is available for you in the apartment.)


Ashkeluna, a childrens' water park, is in the neighborhood, as well as many playgrounds.


The best thing about our location is that we are a 5 minute walk to kosher restaurants, bars and pubs.


(Ashkelon has a separate beach and the entrance is less than a 10 minute walk from the apartment)






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